How to become a real estate lawyer in ny

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How to become a real estate lawyer in ny

How can the answer be improved. Nov 22, 2008I am a new lawyer who just got my NYS Brokers license without taking any courses. Asked by John, New York, NY Sat Nov 22, 2008. I did this with the intention of halving any Brokers fee when I can afford to buy my own home in NYC. Now, in order to get your real estate license there are 4 steps you need to take. Take a State approved 75 hour Pre Licensing Course. Find a sponsoring broker and complete the New York State real estate license application. Jun 16, 2009To get clear knowledge on how to move forward to become a real estate lawyer or attorney, below are some of the steps where you can follow. Step 1: First and foremost, you have to join a good law school. Real estate brokers need a license in New York State. This license is from the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Applicants must pay a fee, meet educational requirements, and pass an exam. Attorneys in New York State only need to pay the fee. Brokers with license in another state can apply to have their license recognized in New York. If you do not renew your license, you cannot conduct any real estate activities that require a New York State real estate license in accordance with Article 12A of the Real Property Law. There are no grace periods that allow you to continue working while not licensed. You have two years from the date your license expires to renew your license. May 31, 2004The Pros and Cons of Practicing as a Real Estate Attorney. When he started the Real Estate Law Association at his law school, McColley contacted several alumni to come and speak to the group, and he kept in touch with them. For law students, he recommends either joining or starting a specialty group at your law school. View New York Real Estate legal questions answered by attorneys or legal professionals on Ask A Lawyer. FreeAdvice: Law Select a Legal Topic Ask a Lawyer Legal News Free Case Evaluation. By Legal Topic Accident Law Bankruptcy Law Business Ask a Real Estate Lawyer. No obligation, answers to your legal questions. May 22, 2011Attend law school and pass your states bar exam. You will need to attend law school and earn your Juris Doctor degree. If possible, attend a law school that offers an estate attorney clinical program. You will then need to pass your states bar exam to practice law in your state. The New York State Bar requires graduation from an ABAaccredited law school in order to become a member. Passing the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, a halfday standardized test given quarterly at testing centers in New York and elsewhere, is the first step in this process. The LSAT website provides free information for aspiring testtakers in preparation for the exam

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